Донос и клевета Советников Всемирному Дому Справедливости о Марате Тунгатарове, май 2014 г.

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Письмо-донос Советников во Всемирный Дом Справедливости, отправленное в мае 2014 года, содержащий клевету, ложь и манипуляцию фактами, но раскрывающая официальное видение Советников на ситуацию (различные ситуации) с участием Марата Тунгатарова. Данный документ стал основанием для ответа Всемирного Дома Справедливости Марату Тунгатарову от 4 сентября 2014 года.

Автором данного письма является Баглан Аязбаев, Член Вспомогательной коллегии по защите по заказу Зебинисо Солиевой, Континентального Советника бахаи. Зебинисо Солиева выполняла указание Андрея Доновала, Международного Советника бахаи.

Текст письма на английском языке

History of case of Marat Toungatarov

Initially Marat Toungatarov was a friend of the Faith. He is married to baha'i that served at the Administration at different positions.

Later at 2009 he declared himself and started to participate in community's activity as a bahai. He started to participate in more community gatherings than before. Gradually processes and Institutes became the target of his discontent. He started to occupy the space during consultations at 19 Day Feasts, reflection meetings, elections etc. In many cases these consultations resulted in hard feelings of friends or open conflicts. Friends often had to choose to tolerate or confront. ABM's and Assembly representatives tried to discuss with him the influence of such behavior and tried to convince him to reconsider his approach to consultation. Generally his arguments were about the right of self-express and obligation to criticize Institutions in order to help them to develop basing on some quotations of Shoghi Effendi. Despite all exhortations he continued to act same way with periodically changing intensity. As a result some bahai's decided not to come to 19 Day Feast or other gatherings if they knew that Marat was going to participate there. At the same time some of his claims considered as reasonable by several friends from Almaty community and they supported him at some points.

He was elected to LSA at June 2011 as a result of bi-election after moving of two LSA member to another cluster. His participation in LSA meetings had the same effect. He took considerable amount of time during consultations and often participated in emotional and insistent manner. Some members were very upset and some members supported Marat at some questions. As a result the Almaty LSA was almost paralyzed.

Marat didn't enter LSA of Almaty next elections at April 2012, but was reelected at 2013 due to bi-elections. Before removing his rights NSA representatives, ABMs, Councilor had several meetings with attempts to convey Marat that his attitude has a destructive impact on the unity of the community and authority of the Institutions of the Faith. Also ABM had an e-mail correspondence with Marat with the same aim and later it was sent to baha'i community through mail list without permission. At August 24, 2013 National Assembly made a decision to remove administrative rights of Marat in part: to elect, to be elected and to participate at baha'i community gatherings and Marat's membership in LSA of Almaty was stopped.

This step led to increased activity of Marat within the community attacking Institutions and blaming them in unjustified decision on removing his rights. This activity continued in Internet. Marat opened groups at Facebook and joined existing groups for bahai's of russian speaking countries. He also created web page called Bahaipedia were he put information about Institutions and some its members including Councilor and ABM to open access and all the correspondence regarding his issue.

At the same time this conflict reflected within his family since the wife of Marat - Aigerim Toungatarova served as LSA member, NSA member, Training Insitute coordinator and other agencies member at different periods of time. Sometimes these conflicts were accompanied by violence that became known by believers of Almaty community.

His rights were fully removed in February 2014 after his appeal to the Police where he presented Baha'i Faith as destructive sect that affected his family life.

Influence witihin the community:

  • destruction of spirit and content of consultation at community gatherings by attacking and criticizing Institutions of the Faith, arguing and conflicting with community members;
  • creating and supporting groups of individuals by misleading them with misrepresented facts and statements and using their weakness in the devotion to the Institutions or misunderstandings happened by early stages of development

Influence in Internet:

  • criticizing and attacking of Institutions of the Faith in Kazakhstan in facebook groups for bahai's from russian speaking countries https://www.facebook.com/bahainews?fref=photo Вера Бахаи: консультация, единство, рост (Baha'i Faith: consultation, unity, growth) and others
  • using baha'i mail lists for spreading invitation to events prepared by him or his few supporters, sending letters and e-mail conversations between him and Institutions
  • preparation and sending information bulletin "Baha'i Herald" that could be wrongly accepted as official newsletter with negative information on Kazakhstan Baha'i and CIS countries Institutions made by Marat and three other individuals sent through mail lists to Kazakhstan and Russian speaking bahai's at other countries
  • creating public webpage that contains negative information on Baha'i Institutions in Kazakhstan http://www.xn--80aab4a4d.kz/ or www.бахаи.kz www.bahaulla.kz, www.bab.kz
  • misleading russian speaking bahai's from other countries by false and distorted information about Institutions of the Faith in Kazakhstan, and some of recipients tend to believe him since there is no access for them to other point of view to this situation

Influence outside the community:

During last year the influence of Marat's activity started to spread outside the community. It started with threatening to sabotage Almaty Youth Conference by complaining to National Security Committee. It was connected with the situation within his family when his wife left home. She had to return back in order to save the Conference from possible threats.

The other time he threatened to apply to the Court against some believers for slander and personal dignity protection. Last time when Aigerim left home with their two children due to hard family situation Marat applied to Police blaming Baha'i Faith as a destructive sect that affects their family. As a result LSA had to postpone Unit Convention that should be held next day at Institute building.

The content of his claim and criticism evolved during the time starting from - lack of capacities, skills and qualities of Institutions, tendency not to discuss problems in the community and not to have open discussions, misrepresentation of current situation with growth of the community, acting without referring to Holy Writings; to - lies, backbiting, slander and unfair actions from Institutions in regard of removal of his administrative rights, particularly Marat claims that his rights were removed without any meetings, discussions, notifications and explanations with him initiated by Institutions, by other words the removal of his rights were done with the violation of required procedures, Marat also creates an image of cooperation between elected and appointed branches of authority stating that National and Local Spiritual Assemblies are not independent and fully controlled by Councilors and ABMs, any attempts by believers to express free opinion is restricted by Institutions, Marat also states that only core activities are allowed in the community.

His claims and plans are well described by himself at his first issue of newsletter Baha'i Herald (Вестник Бахаи) at last section "From the Editor" (От редактора).

Now one of his plans is to gather similar information from CIS countries and to publish it openly at his website www.bahaulla.kz which is also stated in his newsletter.

At May 23, 2014 National Spiritual Assembly received letter from Marat with the request to provide him possibility to return his administrative rights and assurance to do any required steps recommended by the Assembly without any conditions in order to make it possible.

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